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sv unsafe thought

So it's not about Lex, but just a quick thought.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Not molestation. Not rape. Not even, to me here, so YMMV, the equivalent of date rape.

RedK is mind-altering, but doesn't affect Clark's sense of right and wrong so much as his interest in *being* good. He *took it off*, season three, ep one, to call home, then put it back on. Freely. And angstily. And prettily. Christ, so prettily.

This actually a point with me for one reason and one reason only--The Slut Scandals of Metropolis, circa summer 2003? I hold him personally responsible for that. Which is a lot of the reason I learned to like him more and have, in fact, gotten around to mostly forgiving him for Bound, now that I'm thinking about it and not waving my fist at AlMiles in blind rage. There's a huge post in that about how I think Clark sees good versus evil in himself and strangely enough, in Lex, but it's boring and me-ish and really, really annoying.

I have coffee. And nakidish Clark. Happy place.
Tags: meta: smallville
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