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nonchop sent me three wonderful perfume samples from which I highly, highly recommend. My favorite is Scherezade, and yes, for more than the obvious reasons. I used to have major problems in The Body Shop--being prone to sneeze or get stopped up with too much scent,so I never had a chance to try and mix one for myself. But wow. Thsi one could totally have been made for me. It smells *wonderful*--smooth, but not vanilla or almondy, and not so much spicy as warm and red. Yes, red. Other two included Bliss, which smells like medium dark sweet chocolate and I swear,I get an endorphin high smelling it, and Jezebel, which is rich and almost sharp. I think I'll try that one tomorrow. Scents are only theoretical until they've been on your skin for a bit. God knows, I leanred that lesson from a few perfume expereiments.

*hugs* Thanks, sweetie. So appreciate it. *hugs*

And svmadelyn sent me birthday things! This fabulous Smallville magazine--OMG it's *Lex*.


And cookie mix! And tissue! Why tissue?

Because she sent me season three, and there's Shattered and Asylum and I get whimpery thinking about it.

Yes, did open my birthday present early! I am *okay* with that. Lex is on the cover.

Christ, is he hot. How can anyone not just--you know--*not see that*?

*hugs friends* Y'all rock, darlings. I love it. I do.
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