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many recs, many recs, little time
children of dune - leto 1
dolimir_k rocks.

A Mad Season. Why the hell didn't I read this before? Possibly the fact that the *concept* of Shattered and Asylum freaked the heck out of me and still bothers me in a variety of ways. But the story? Lovely. Thick and rich with plot like a stew, with delicious, meaty characterizations to sink your teeth into. All around marvelous.

I'm unhappy. Even being aware this is not something I have control over, and that it *will* end, that it's all in my head, that it's just something I deal with when necessary, and that I have a lot of wonderful things going on, it still is making everything seem long and tiresome and--pointless. Frankly, the fact that I turn twenty-nine this week isn't helping. So. Along with the marvelous dolimir_k, recs that will be added to my rec page the next time I update. All Smallville, het, slash, and gen, dragged out of my LJ history today when I went through and started organizing and adding to my memories. Almost all are from earlier entries over the past two years, especially early 2003. For more recs, I added to the fiction recs folder in memories, but most of those are season one-ish and I've blathered about before.

So. More authors that make Smallville marvelous. This is the other reason I love Smallville so much, in answer to the question I was asked. I have the privilege of reading these people. I thought maybe this could be considered group feedback of a kind, considering how little I seem to do now, and make other people happy.

Smallville - Slash

After by rageprufrock
Okay, how I forgot to rec I have no idea, but this bit of post-Insurgence fic is just--right. Bitter, edgy, and--very real. *sighs*

Beyond Recognition by corinna_5
Wow. Futurefic, Lois, and a wonderful look at future Clark and the events that create the Rift. And it hurts. But so good.

Breathing Room by Nitelite
A post-Prodigal Lex fic. I like Lex's voice in this, introspective and not quite bitter so much as thoughtful.

Butoh, Dance of Darkness by mobiusklein
I have no idea what the crossover is, but frankly, not sure I care. The creep factor here is enormous, and the twist completely unexpected. AU indeed. And chilling as hell. Run, don't walk.

Capillary by Julian Lee
It's the little things, not the big ones, that'll catch Clark out in the end. It's deceptively simple, heartbreaking, and strangely inevitable. I like how Clark and Martha are drawn here. It aches, all of it. With a killer last line.

Ceremony of Innocence by Rivkat
Rivka does things with ubercomplex Lexes that always surprise me and always work. As a post-Visitor story, it clarifies everything we think we know about Lex and tells us things we may not. Clark's very Clark, but Lex is painfully Lex, with every dichotomy and every obsession. Read it.

Deceit by Aklani
Creepy. Damn.

Disconnect by Julian Lee
Oh. Wow. Now THAT is a new way of looking at Jonathan and his relationship with his son! I'm not sure I entirely agree, but I'm not sure I disagree either. In any case, a fascinating take on the entire idea, both of how Clark views his father and Lex's, and how Lex views his father, Clark's family, and Clark.

Edges of White by Nitelite
This was--so sweet. Christmasy snugglefic, Lex-returns-fic, and I encourage the non-abuse of Lex very highly. It will leave you squishy and looking for hot chocolate.

First Times by spyhop
Oh HELL yes. Clark's first times, one and two. Here be het, but deal, because seriously good and hot story of Clexness as well here. Loved it.

Getting to Know You by ingrid
The sheer creepiness of Red!Clark here is marvelous--kidlike, maniacal, dark, vicious, and amoral by turns and at the same time. Post-Exodus, very spoilery, and extremely well-written. I'm not getting over this one anytime soon.

Frozen by Pun
Mm. Happy post-Skinwalker. Revelation, of a sort, explanation, and some solid characterization going on. I liked how Lex came out here, and I love how Clark was characterized. So definitely read.

The Giving Tree by zahra
The odd thing is, until last night while chatting with someone, I hadn't even, I think, HEARD of the story, then voila, this appears in my inbox. Very lovely, pure zahra. And it looks like I need to get to reading.

Lied by Mereid
Hee! Okay, so Clark lies. But it's for *good* reasons.

Macellum by Sylvia
Mmm. Hard AU. Brothersfic. Luthor powergames. And I dearly love it. Run with it.

Pass by Tim Ian

Huh. Now this I didn't expect, though I'm not entirely sure what I did expect when I started reading.



During the era of open discrimination, pale-skinned blacks would occasionally hide their ancestry and live as though they were white. This phenomenon was known as "passing." Those that passed felt this strategy to be their best chance at avoiding the bigotry and persecution inflicted upon their brethren.

It takes a certain kind of bravery to live as something you are not, just as it takes a different kind of bravery to be punished for who you are. Both choices exact a price.

Read this now. Extremely good, thoughtful, and different.

Realize by Prufrock Slash-light but also--all there. Make sense? Lex is thinking. He has Helen, but not quite what he needs. Beautiful. And? Makes that ending to Visage make SENSE.

Resolutions by SugarRush
*grins* I liked this for a lot of reasons, but most especially, I did like the Lex and Jonathan convo. I'd love to see more fic tackle the fact they were both seduced (how much on Jonathan's part is in question) by the same woman. Fascinating stuff.

Room 29 by gila
Clark wanders off. Lex goes after. I never, ever get tired of these stories. *G*

The Same River by Isagel
Wow. A new and powerful variation on PonFarr!Clark.

Satisfying by sa.
Um. Hot. With food. And kinks. *g*

The Seventh Day by melo
A bittersweet glimpse at a future Superman. Hurts. Muchly.

Sunday Brunch by fabrisse
*grins* I love how she writes teh boys, and this is just. So. Hot. And fun. A hot, hot day, straw, and talking through your fantasies.

This by Julian Lee
Pretty hotness. Happiness. Also, this author needs more fic out there. Seriously.

A Touch of Mercy by dolimir
I thought this was very sweet. And I liked Clark here. Heh. *pets Clark*

Words by Chelle
Okay, kink definitely. Lovely, emotional, and hot? Also. I like how she wrote this. Sweet, tender, and different.

Smallville - Het

Genesis by harriet_spy
Whoa doggies. Science and obsession and Helen. And fits so flawlessly into canon that, wow, doesn't THIS explain a few things about Helex.

Into the Woods by Rivkat
Oddly, there's no way I can begin to explain WHAT about this one haunted me. But like any good fairy tale before Disney, it leaves the creep and forgets the happy ending.

Smallville- Gen

Chloe: Year One by liviapenn
She's a fic TEASE. A fascinating Alternate History Chloe in Gotham story, with so many damn POSSIBLITIES. TEASE, I tell you. An excellent story all around.

He That Hath Ears by Sarah T
Plot. Grandmother Luthor plot, no less. Clark gets a new power, Lex has a scary grandmother, and Lionel gets bitched at. Plus? MotW that's interesting as hell. I love how she brings these things together and I simply love how she writes Clark. MUCH recommended for meaty reading enjoyment.

Look and See by Livia
Chloefic! I'm not spoiling on the plotline, because it must be read to be enjoyed, but this is an incredibly fun story. Just--guh. Loved it.

Protect and Serve by Sarah T
If you only read one Mercy-character story in your life, you should read this one. A fascinating, beautifully written view into the mind of one of Lex's bodyguards--it's unlike anything I've read before, and the tragedy is understated, elegant, and thought-provoking as hell. Possibly the best use of a semi-OC (since Mercy is comic canon) that I've read yet. Once again, Sarah blows my mind, but she does it with class.

Scotch Gambit by rivkat
In which Rivka creeps me out and gives a terrible, fascinating story. Martha--huh. Originall recced as War Games in Rivka's Lj, it's up and posted. I suggest reading.

Speak Loudly For Him by slodwick
I love how Slodwick writes Chloe, and in this? Pitch perfect. Lovely an dsad and true to her character. And heartbreaking as hell.

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Jenn, are you still around? I'm back online if you are.

The thing w/ the twenties.... I have to tell you this as a 27 year old bitch.... is that no one will be sympathetic with you other than other 20 somethings.

The 30,40.50+ sometings will all be like.... CHILD, BLA BLA, BEEN THERE... But no. They don't understand. The 20s ... mid to late... is where you get your very first "Hey there, you're mortal mother fucker" signposts. Your "smattering" of grey hair that's growing at a slow but decidedly exponential rate. The lovely and oh so apparent deceleration of your metabolism. The rapidly dwindling ability to shrug off a hangover.. eh? You know?

You're still young. You know that. You know that if you're lucky, you're still within the first third of your life.


The "all in your head" unhappy stuff is as real as if Mini-me scootered up to you and whacked you in the forehead with a bottle of gin. Which I would welcome. BUT. Fact is, you're a very nice girl w/ very good stories whose taste I trust implicitly and who I intend to introduce to a little sumpin I call Battlestar Galactica.

I mean, welcome to 29 and all that, but, also, thanks for all the fic. And all the treMENDOUS number of recs you've given us (me) over the months(years). You've been a constant source of inspiration, recommendation.

Oh, and when is QAF season 4 dvd coming out?

Ok, as one of those tiresome 40-somethings? The 30s are a great time. Really. In a few years you'll probably be all like "dude, I was *upset* about leaving the 20s? This is great!"

And I can pretty much guarantee I'd have said the same thing ten years ago.

Thank you for reccing "A Mad Season". I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

And 29 is not so bad. For me it was 31. *g*

Thanks for the recs, including mine!

A mad season is great, especially now that I've sunk into DC fandom.

*sends hugs and virtual chocolate to Jenn*

Thank you for the recs. I enjoy your summaries. Serious or funny ones.
Why the hell didn't I read this before? Yeah, first time? Well, this story makes a really nice discovery. One of my fave that Dolimir wrote.

You know, I turned 32 recently. And looking back at the time when I was 29? I feel now that things then were much more roseate, and open and boy, did I have lots of energy, etc... *G*
So, now I'm trying to apply my 43 yrs perspective on my current life, see if that helps... somehow it gets even more depressing and tiring at times *laughs*

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