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The Toybox

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mm. battlestar galactica
children of dune - leto 1
Is it wrong to be deeply in love with Kara? Cause I am. I so am. Plus, well, she's hot.

That's about as deep as I'm gonna get with this one.

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No. >:D

Also, Lee+Laura4eva. Or, you know. The next several months.

Gaius squeaks like a girl.

Starbuck turns straight girls gay. Hadn't you heard?

I've SO in love with Starbuck, myself. *g*

Yes. Also, I want an icon just like yours *g*.

BSG2003fics icons memory category

Or there's these that I made a year ago when the miniseries grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let me go...

I'm happy to make you a custom icon if you like.

Lee continues to win my personal prize for hotness, but I definitely love Kara. Woman kicks ass six ways from Sunday.

The sniper thing makes her creepy to me, and not in a hot way. Otherwise, I'd gleefully lick her from head to toe. A cigar smoking, tanktop wearing, short hair sporting, butt kicking ***fighter pilot***?


Haven't settled on any of the cast as a favorite, but I'm most interested in Gaius right now. You just wait, though... That Kara gets to do even more interesting things down the line.

*pats bittorrent*

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