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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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likes, thinks, maybe
children of dune - leto 1
Point Pleasant? Interesting. Not least becaues the guy that played Jake on Melrose Place is a Minion of Evil. I think.

Hmm. I likes. I like Jessie, I like the entire concept of everyone in bathing suits, and I like Jessie, did I mention that?


Also, end world days and aparently, next ep, pretty looking priest.


Anyone else see and contemplate? It's like the OC meets Revelations. Complete with slutty mother and daughter and okay, *was* that Jim from The Sentinel?

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*was* that Jim from The Sentinel?

It was indeed. He's been busy these days, haha. :D

It took me a second to ID him--he's in a *lot* of stuff.

And Jake! Whee! Pretty evil!

That is totally Jim.

I'm still stuck on grumbledammitwhycan'taslinkysexyBOYbethehalfchildofthedevil, but now that there's a pretty priest I think they have me.

*firmly wearing "shallow" hat*

Hey, don't forget Jake of Melrose, Minion of Evil.

Cause man. I was like---oh. *Pretty*. All the *pretty*.

And a *priest*.

I am shallow, too. *grins*

It could become a very, very naughty bad addiction I probably will not admit to with my RL friends. It reminds me of a USA made for TV 90's movie "Child of Darkness, Child of Light" for some odd reason.

And the pretty priest...oh so hot!

*was* that Jim from The Sentinel?


Does he wear tank tops in PP?

Alas, no, but he did have some pretty GAY PANTS.

ahh, Big Gay Jim. He can't leave the house without at least one apparel of clothing being GAY. The pants please me.

Some parts were good, others meh. Like Christine running away at the bonfire for no damn reason. I like her and probably that guy that's supposed to go try to turn her evil. Is that Mr. Gay Pants? Everyone else is 2 dimensional cardboard cut outs. I will only watch for the naughty. And I'm not even talking about the sex.

Maybe John Glover can revise his role as the devil in guest appearances! Or he can go tell FOX to go fuck themselves for screwing up big time by pulling off a much better show called Brimstone. GRRRR ARRRRGGG!

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