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children of dune - leto 1
Re BG: Wait...

Is Gaius Dr Bashir from DS9?

*stares hard*

The hair keeps throwing me off. Is it?

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This is James Callis, I believe. But the look is similar.

Right, not Alexander Siddig (Bashir). But there are some eye and jawline similarities....

Oh good. I kept seeing him from angles where he didn't look like him at all, and I was beginning ot think something was wrong with me.

Damn, though, that's a hell of a resemblance.

I watched the episodes on Friday and wondered the same thing for a moment or two. Then I decided since DS9 was something like 10 years ago, there was no way that Dr. Bashir would still be that young.

True. Well, he doens't look that young, but it's a close thing.

Siddig is about 40 right now, which isn't old for an actor (though over the hill for an actress in Hollywood)... I haven't seen him actually *act* in aything for a while.

He's in Kingdom of Heaven, which comes out May 6th.

::pimps other new fandom::

He was also in Reign of Fire.

(Deleted comment)
Nope. But He's Bridget Jones' musician friend.


AHHHHH! *Thank* you! That has been driving me mad! I knew I had seen him somewhere besides being a Bashir look-alike.

I sure thought he was at first. But, like Lee said when we were watching, if they had scored a Trek actor for the series, they would have been pushing the heck out of it in the articles about it.

Hee! I've been thinking that Gaius looks like a cross between Bashir from DS9 and Marcus Cole from B5. :-9

No, though there is a striking resemblance!

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