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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh bliss oh joy oh rapture
children of dune - leto 1
Battlestar Galactica

Whoa *doggies*.

I'm blissed. I also have a minimal idea of what is going on, other than the vague overview of running and chasing and huge genocidal death by alien species everywhere.

It's like someone said, jenn, what are your kinks again? And then they wrote it.


I'm over here, one quarter through the pilot. Happy.

Anyone else watching this? Please?

Ooooh, am I ever. When you say "the pilot," do you mean the miniseries from last year?

*can totally supply pimping tapes*

I think the miniseries was on 2-6, adn I got all but the last 30 minutes. right now is hte pilot for the start of the series, I think.

Damn, but I wish I'd gotten all the miniseries. Stupid DVR froze up. Do you have that?

It's a good series so far. I've got the first eleven eps downloaded, and it's been good, solid and steady.

It's already downloadable?

Whoa. When did it start?

Not only am I watching but I'm starting a search for the slashy OTP, although I really do like Starbuck and her chemistry with Apollo...

I'm still working out the names. IS there a directory somewhere? But God, teh plotline is just fascinating me. Wow.

*cracks up* I've already decided that even if I never pay that much attention to the plot, I'm watching for the sheer kinkiness. Glad it's not just me that's enjoying it for those reasons. :)

It's the coolest! I'm so *happy*.

Also, I now know they are androids. It's almost like an AU star wars, where the droids rose up in rebellion to the humans. Okay. It's not. I just alwasy, always wondered why they *didn't*.


*chuckle* Clearly you're not reading my journal anymore. *g*

*grins* I've been skipping days a *lot*.

But oooh. All the *plot*. *happy*

Oh, yes. Meret and I are waiting for the President to seduce some poor young thing like her assistant or Apollo.

Yes, yes, yes, I love this series. I was a big fan of the old one but this one is great too so far.

Hee. I lucked out finally by noticing that they were playing the first 2 new eps post previous miniseries/movie tonight and I'm psyched. The original 2-hour miniseries/movie hit tons of kinks for me.

*nod* I watched it today, after missing Friday. *happy place*

Not only am I watching it, I wrote it for yuletide. This is so my new fandom.

Haha! *waits for you to start writing Starbuck/Apollo*


OMG, I loved the pilot. I had no idea there were episodes available already, as someone mentioned earlier. I have to learn how to use Bittorrent now! *has techno-meltdown*

(Deleted comment)
I've seen the mini and 1st 2 eps and have totally and completely gotten over the fact that Starbuck AND Boomer(loves of my 4th grade life) are both girls now. Because the women on this show can BRAWL! I came out of nostalgia but will stay for the OMG good stuff.