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The Toybox

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rec: such a pretty face by abi
I've been meaning to rec this one for, oh, ever, since either svmadelyn or maybe cjandre said to read it, adn I did read it, and it's not that I hated it, cause man, I loved the first four fifths. It was that last fifth I had to take some time to process. Because honest to God, that hit me straight out of nowhere. Like, boom. Right between the eyes.

But. Seriously. *Really*. *Good*. And probably the strongest and crispest dialogue in the entirety of the Smallville fandom, bar none. Man. She gives *good* dialogue.

Such a Pretty Face by Abi. It's Alien!Clark genre, which if it isn't your kink, really, get over it and learn to love. Het, slash, threesome, but slash overall. Seriously. I kid not. Fantastic use of a really--different idea.

In case anyone is deeply curious, the reason for my two-month long tension spree ends as of Wednesday night, so I'll either be in a terrified good mood come Thursday or back to normal me with a side of mopiness that will end with me hopefully being able to finally kill off Jonathan and satisfy one of my longest running Smallville fantasies of him and the woodchipper getting up close and personal. Which is probably not comforting. But! Wait! I have *three days off* next week. And I will buy my bed!

If I can afford a damn mattress. Or find a damn bed I like. Grrr.

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m so glad that you liked Such a Pretty Face. It makes me all happy. And I suspect that it was the lovely and talented cjandre who told you to read it as she was my beta and indispensable cheerleader while I was writing it. It was much better for her imput. Anyway, I love her to bits for that.

I read it this morning. It is yummy. You're the queen of hurtClark&Lex!! they suffer their unfulfilled love till hte very last so beautifully.

Thank you. I like to make them work for it, you know?

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