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I am--God, three days behind in friendslist. I hate falling behind. It sucks. And also, assures I missed something *fascinating*, dammit. Like World Peace, or the meaning of life, or Clex smut. Which hopefully, someone will helpfully point out to me. You know, if you're nice.

How Work Got More Interesting

Missy finally blew up at Super. Unfortunately, the door was closed, so Yours Truly could not, in fact, hear what happened, and the walls are thick. And it's not like I was leaning up against our shared wall trying to listen or anything. Because that would be *wrong*. And hurt my ankle, perhaps, crouching on my desk.

Damn, it still hurts. *rubs ankle*

However, I did get my sense of humor back. The Cookie Exchange went off beautifully, I am the proud owner of *eight dozen* different kinds of cookies. And they are *good*. One chick brought hers in still warm. My dear God, life is good. Chocolate. *Everywhere*. Yesterday was a training class called Stress Management. There were tinker toys on every table.

I made the *coolest robot*. Stress Management class is pretty much a day in which we go into the training center and veg out with pillows, blankets, toys, colors, dart boards, and talk about how to reduce stress in our lives and work.

And did I mention the Tinker Toys? I made teh Coolest Ferris Wheel Ever. And put it on wheels. Everyone was very impressed. Or worried if the stress got to me. But it's *Tinker Toys*. I mean, Legos and Lincoln logs are my first loves. But these things were *so cool*.

Does anyone know if theyr'e still sold? I haven't seen any in years.


These are random things that happened this week:

1.) I have a special bathroom stall at work. No, wait. Okay, work with me here. Don't you find yourself kind of ritually choosing the same general bathroom stall? Right. It's something I realized when I found someone in it, and there was another stall empty, and I actually had to *think* about it before going in it.

2.) My mixer started smoking. I think, adn this is a guess, that I may have to buy a new mixer. I have never seen a mixer smoke. Even explaining the dangers of lung cancer couldn't make it stop. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this mixer may need to be retired.

How depressing.

3.) I keep having idiotic and randomly useless ideas for stories. I mean, impossibly silly stories. I started a list, and it looks like a grocery list of badfic. Yet it is strangely addictive. And worrying about the strangest things. Such as--GirlLex idea. In which Kryptomagic turns Lex into a girl. Would he have hair? Would he understand what to *do* with it? Would Clark have to come and fix it for him? Would any idea in history be as bad as having *Clark* fix your hair?

Major worrisome plot points there.

4.) Horrifying Pete/Lex thoughts *won't leave me alone*. AU-style. I have images of Jock!Clark and Pete growling over Lex like puppies while he drinks himself into calmness. It's just--it's Pete. He's like Whitney and Lana to me. I cannot connect them to sex. I mean, even with *Lex*. And I connect air and sex to Lex.

5.) I've been thinking on What Your Story Is--which is so weird to think about like that. Like, what theme, or aspect of character, do you find yourself returning to again and again? There was this author--I can't remember her--but she wrote two nearly identical books, and when I say identical, I mean, same *damn* book with slightly altered ending and different names, but the structure and the main plot points were almost exactly the same. It was interesting to remember that--God, I wish I could remember her name, but that was a long time ago.

Anyway, thinking about it, I started mulling what My True Story was, and it keeps--sliding off the top of my head. Like I *almost* can explain it, but can't. I need to think it out more. Or get some sleep. Three nights running of bad sleep can't be good for my comprehensibility.

Must ponder.

Note to celes720

*hugs* *and more hugs* *and more hugs* Very cool, sweetie. Thank you *so* much! I love it.

*more hugs, happy bouncing*
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