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svfic: the yard, part I: scorched earth

Okay, Cpanel is being weird, so I got it to upload okay, but no in-page links are available.

The Yard Part I: Scorched Earth; 56,367 words.

Author Notes: rivkat is mostly responsible for any possible readability. She did some amazing work asking questions that I needed to answer and pointing out mistakes I needed to fix. All remaining errors are my own. And thanks to svmadelyn, who always has time to listen to me whine about it and mumble over it and pretty much remind me not to drive myself crazy.

This story breaks with canon from Precipice, Season Two. There are some somewhat significant differences from the original posted in my LJ, as well as a lot of length, but no real changes in original plotline, so if you want to skip to the new stuff, it shouldn't be impossible to follow.

Thsi is a WiP, in that while this is the final version of Part I, more or less, Part II is still--percolating. Like coffee. Kind of.

Quick apology to those who commented in my LJ when I posted the snippet--I started work on finishing the final editing, so I didn't get a chance to finish answering comments.

Art on page courtesy of slodwick. meret also made me a gorgeous cover, but I'm waiting for cpanel to come back online to put it up. Web-based FTP takes *forever*. Thanks to you both for your amazing work.

All critique is accepted gratefully. And I hope that you enjoy the story.

Also? I really, *really* need to practice past tense more. That was *hard*.
Tags: fic: smallville 2004, sv: the yard
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