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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the house of christmas merriment, one way or another
children of dune - leto 1
All right. *determined look* I am putting up the outside lights on the house *right now*. This requires a ladder, a stapler, electricity, and me, terrified of heights.

Just, you know. In case you hear about a huge explosion in Texas perpetuated by a girl and her dangly Christmas lights.

*deep breath* I am so bringing this house into the season.

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I admire you, but I'm envious of you at the same time! You're a brave, brave soul. Hope it goes well.

By the way, thanks for adding me. I love your posts and your fic.:)

I...didn't fall. My paranoias are becmoing less powerful. If people chant QaF scenes at me in elevators, I can ride them. If I just stand on a ladder, thinking "Would Brian Kinney throw up?" works.

I'm hoping I am never asked to prove my sanity to the world.

By the way, thanks for adding me. I love your posts and your fic.:)

*hugs* Thank you very much.

Hi, *waves*

Much kudos to you on the christmas lights. The phrasing reminds me of Lex...can't you just see him thinking 'there will be christmas merriment, one way or another' and getting all determined about something that is supposed to be fun and driving Clark insane?

I muchly adore your Lex and your writing in general so am friending you. Hopefully you don't mind.

Good luck on the Lex Happy AU, *waits in anticipation for posting*

*sends non-house explosion/ nonback or neck breaking vibes your way* Go Jenn Go! :D

You should just send your son to do it. Sure, he's short, but he's lived a good life, and that way you don't have to.

*smiles brightly*

This is probably why I should never be a parent...

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