November 22nd, 2020

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thanksgiving planning

So the Thanksgiving Menu is complete and I'd like to take this opportunity to plug Paprika 3 app if you were a fan of Pepperplate. It has a recipe browser powered by google and so far can download almost any recipe anywhere.

So, the planned menu for Child and I (subject to change by ingredient missing, laziness):
Brined Whole Turkey
Baked Spiral Cut Ham
Apricot Glaze with Herb Butter
Green Bean Casserole with Bacon and Gruyere
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Sweet Potato Casserole
Baked Parmesan Cream Corn
Pea Salad
World's Best Key Lime Pie
Cranberry-Orange Sauce

Yeah, at least two of the side dishes won't make it, but I can make them this weekend to go with the leftover turkey. That's part of the fun of Thanksgiving; the leftovers and the cooking of other dishes to go with the leftovers.

The only one that's really new to me is the Baked Parmesan Cream Corn; the turkey and glaze are my standard favorites to make, the pie I used to make a lot, pea salad is standard in my family, the ham just need to be warmed, and the rest are fancy variations on common dishes I've made or helped make. The biggest problem has been hunting down some of the ingredients, the last delivery of which is coming this morning along with both cooking milk and drinking milk and eating butter (as opposed to cooking butter). We do no blur lines during Thanksgiving.

Though I am kind of sulky that Mill King milk is not available right now. Mill King is state-local (though yeah Texas is a big state) and is pasteurized but is not homogenized so it's overall slightly heavier than standard milk and cream floats in it and tends to gather on the sides and on top. The first time I got it, Child was horrified--it looked bad! Floating bits!--but hands-down it makes the best hot chocolate and chocolate milk you can imagine. Just rich enough but not too heavy and doesn't throw the balance off like cream or half-and-half do if you add them (unless you're one of those people who's really good at mixing them).

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