October 10th, 2020

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temeraire - re-reading worries

Re-reading Temeraire, as I anticipate hitting all my favorite parts--impression, Laurence and Temeraire Torn Apart by Lying Airpeople, every instance of Temeraire's or Laurence's jealousy, meet-cute with Tharkay, Treason Drama, the Incan Empress, etc, I have to admit I most anticipate hitting Dragons Learn About Finance.

That's probably my top re-read portion. On occasion I skim entire books (or skip entirely, which always feels dishonest so I never do either anymore) to get to it. Why?

I just don't know.

I have a theory it has to do with Temeraire's reaction to interest mirrors mine when I first a.) learned about the stock market (something I'd assumed all my life was rather mythical, like Avalon, Atlantis, and the Free World) and b.) got my very first dividend. It was like, twelve cents. Still blew my mind.

But it's not just that. It's very soothing. The entire thing from Nice Bank Guy Basking Under Dragon Attention to Dragon Investing in the 'Change (I assume?) is just so wholesome. I'm just starting Black Powder War so I won't get to Banking With Dragons until probably tomorrow night or Monday morning, but already I feel excited.

Note: if anyone can rec semi-canonical or author-approved illustration of all dragons with an emphasis on relative size I'd be grateful.

I've seen separate bits in the books and online but that confuses me badly so I need them all in reference to each other. This is especially a problem when the issue of Temeraire's mating with Iskierka comes up and my entire brain shuts down on how...that worked. Relative size and for that matter shape seem to fail me badly even in drawings (sometimes, that just makes it worse). I'm hoping if I have working references I won't spend an inordinate amount of time combining bafflement with doubt about my understanding of physics as well as horrified curiosity how Temeraire escaped without some third degree burns on places one should not ever be burned. Water burns really, really hurt. Then I want to cry. It happens.

(Yes, I could email the author and I would if it were a question about literally anything not related to her books, but in this context, it's like like emailing Stephen King about a map of Salem's Lot or asking about the route to Boulder they took in The Stand. Even if there might be an answer I'm horrified at the idea of asking.) Posted at Dreamwidth: https://seperis.dreamwidth.org/1082109.html. | You can reply here or there. | comment count unavailable comments