September 25th, 2020

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rewatching eureka

Due to social distancing, I am making my way through every show I've ever watched in my life, blessed be Netflix and Prime. Apparently even new seasons of shows I've seen are too much for my fragile brain or something. Though Great British Baking Show is supposed to release a new season so hopefully I'll get an exception for that.

I mean, I do get why; nothing is certain right now and hasn't been for a while and that's thrown off my brain's ratios, so something has to give somewhere. My tolerance for uncertainly extends right now to learning new things only (and upgrading my tech); my visual entertainment, on the other hand, ain't going there. It doesn't just want lack of uncertainty; it wants predictability. I'm actually okay with the trade off; for me personally, losing my motivation to learn and explore is much more dangerous personally to my mental health, so if my brain compensates by watching Bones eighty times, fine.

My only real compromise on that so far is older shows I don't remember well, which is how I ended up marathoning House, which hit that sweet spot of "I saw five seasons of it live" and "But actually I don't remember almost anything but like three of the eps very well". That shit went over gangbusters (House, OTOH, got much, much crazier in later seasons).

I'm currently re-watching Eureka, which is incredibly satisfying because while yes I've seen it, I never really get tired of a town of sci-fi adventures. Also I can watch by storyline, and man, I want this show to get a reboot. Warehouse 13 disappointed me with all the focus shifting to the warehouse supervisor to the point I was skipping too much to work out what was going on when an ep wasn't about him, so these five seasons have to last.


1.) I am way more into Zane/Jo than I ever was and I was really into them before so double that.

2.) Also triple down Henry/Grace: I completely forgot how cool she is and how she settled Henry after those grief-driven, frantic seasons. He had so much bad shit happen to him--including alternate timeline shit--that he simply couldn't settle. In the pre-1947 timeline, if that had continued, I'm not sure he would have been able to settle and trust enough to make a relationship with anyone (including Grace), but the fait accompli kind of did the work for him. GRACE IS AMAZING; YES HENRY YOU DO INDEED DESERVE TO BE WITH SOMEONE THAT GODDAMN AWESOME ACCEPT IT.

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