June 20th, 2020

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question on hard drive formats and movie files

I asked this on twitter, but there are vidders here who may have the answer that might not see it.

1.) 500G SSD in an exteral USB 3.0 enclosure (It was like super on sale)

1.) Windows 10 PC (Manhattan)
2.) Kubuntu 20.04 Server (Watson)
3.) RAX Router via USB 3.0. (To which a five bay hard drive enclosure is attached)

Moving 4K rips and 2160, 1080, and 720 encodes in any video format to and fro at will.

I need to format the hard drive in the best way to assure compatibility and mountability to all of them and be able to transfer files to and from all. Yes, there's the LAN but sometimes you want your 4K rip transferred in under an hour and change to the other machine five feet away. Yes, I will indeed have to actually stand up and that's a genuine shame.

NTFC and ext4 are both no, but fat32 or exfat or something else? Which one would work best so they'll be recognize, read-write without trauma and automount (or rather, I can easily update the fstab for automount in Kubuntu)? Posted at Dreamwidth: https://seperis.dreamwidth.org/1078473.html. | You can reply here or there. | comment count unavailable comments