March 9th, 2020

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my life is not that interesting

On Purpose

I successfully made salted caramel sauce.

I did not successfully sauce anything with it yet, as it's easier to just spoon it directly into my mouth.


I started playing Stardew Valley.

Along with moving back outside to write (cleaned porch, new cushion!), I'd been trying to find another equivalent to Farmville while waiting to get into alpha testing for the new Glitch that is apparently coming out. I like semi-casual stationary gaming to relax with some kind of plot and Pokemon Go is--not that, it's for walking and whatnot. So.

When I was sick in late Jan/early Feb, I decided to test drive my new tablet with it after trying to get into it last year. This time, it worked, and also, I rediscovered my love of farming games. There's something ungodly soothing about planning, harvesting, and selling crops and raising livestock; it always zens me out. Stardew has the added advantage of an actual plotline and people, which I ignored for the first two years until I had a comfortable savings, two barns and coops, and sufficient livestock to afford having friends, picking a house husband, and raising toddlers, cows, bunnies, pigs, goats, sheep, and ducks.

(The side effects of being a late Gen X kid; I remember the Reagan years and bankruptcies and the economic death spiral of 2008. Want to know why I am still ambivalent about buying a house or even a car (should I want to drive)? See above. This pretty much informs all my gaming. I'm in Year 7 with a million in Starview money and a regular monthly income (cheese, mayo and fruit trees) of 10,000, but I am still doing careful crop math every season for maximum profits and worry about grass invasions. I feel crazy buying chairs and tables. It's very weird.)

Anyone else playing? Anyone know how to get tea?

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