February 26th, 2020

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weird world problems

So my problem is: my nails are growing too much.

Yeah, that looks just as crazy as it sounded in my head, but it's true and it's weird.

I have never in my life had fast growing hair and nails: I also bite my nails. Pregnancy and about six months after is the only exception. However, two things have changed.

1.) I started taking a multivitamin
2.) I successfully--almost by accident--stopped biting my nails.

I'm gonna say (2) is a huge factor and frankly, you can't get back in that kind of habit once you start, as I tried the first time I realized I was missing keys when typing due to Nails. I hate it. But I own literally no things for nails but a battery powered nail buffer/file thing I used without batteries to quickly file down edges or something. Yeah, I went through a manicure phase a few years ago, but it didn't stick.

Now, why is this a problem, other than I lack the basic skills of a ten year old for nail care? It's affecting my keyboard use. Like, this is a hard no never wtf. I've had to borrow--BORROW--nail clippers twice to stop nail-tripping on the keys and yes, I need to buy some on the first but how is this my life? I used to want long nails when I was younger because everyone's hands looked so good and mine not so much and I was wrong. This is bullshit; I had null characters in my code and weird ass misspellings in a fic that are not in my autocorrect list due to my left hand being slightly faster than my right when typing (no, really). Worse, much worse, I couldn't feel the keyboard with three fingers due to asshole nails and that was like, IDEK, creepy: left middle and right middle and fourth, no keyboard feel but (sometimes wrong) letters appeared on the screen like a hex was involved.

I really needed to vent that; you'd be surprised how many people just don't understand.

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