February 17th, 2020

children of dune - leto 1

it's the end of a monday

Not much is going on, but I'm here, so why not?

So actually surprising here: the Vitamin D thing is working.

It took about six weeks--probably because of those ten days sick--but this week, I notice the following:
1.) I can get up in the morning like, on time.
2.) I can get up earlier. This is very new.
3.) I no longer want to sleep at lunch.
4.) I am getting sleep decent sleep--at least, I think--and so don't need the same amount. I'll get back to that.
5.) The constant tiredness is receding; now I feel 'sleepy' when I want to sleep, not just general issue tired that ebbs and flows. It's great.

As of this last week, I take a capsule on Sunday night/Monday morning and it starts to wear off by Fridayish--the pee test is useful here--but like, the difference between even then and before is noticeable.

Sleep--mostly I would variate between six and nine hours. I'm not sure why. One sleep trick I really love is come home, nap for a couple of hours, get up and make dinner refreshed, do shit, then go to bed again for about four-five hours. It's just not feasible to do it often, but man....

Anyway, with the blessings of my doctor, I started back on a multivitamin with Vitamin D as well and started buying Tang, which unhealthy whatever, I love that shit and as it has Vitamin C, I have a good excuse to get a lot of it. Interestingly, I'm not the only person at work on a Vitamin D script; we share notes.

It's possible the Adavair inhaler is helping as well, and definitely helping is less cedar fever. So, well lived, life.


I updated my Plex guide with formatting changes for readability and some corrections; I'll continue to do so as needed.

I'm thinking about writing a basic Ubuntu command line primer--since Pi uses a version of Ubuntu--that I would have loved when I first started out in Ubuntu command line. Especially the obvious stuff and the stuff that makes command line fun and interesting. And a list of useful programs to start off with.

I originally went without a GUI to learn command line, but I honestly didn't realize how much easier a lot of things are to do that way, not to mention scripting. Some programs definitely benefit from a good GUI, so I make sure I always have one in my servers to login to, but some functionality is so much easier if you can just pop off a command or have a script that does exactly what you want. And faster, God.

It's actually spoiled me; I get super annoyed with Windows because I can't just open a terminal to do something with Windows' lockdown on functionality.


While sick, I finally sat down and burned through all of Psyche.

My thoughts:
a.) It is much better than I thought.
b.) It didn't hit my embarrassment squick almost ever, which genuinely surprises me.
c.) Gus is a gift. I am still rooting for a West Wing 2 where the actor plays President Charlie please God.
d.) I do not think it was an accident that Shawn's marriage proposal to Juliet was on behalf of him and Gus. I think he corrected himself when he realized he actually hadn't married Gus yet and probably needed to propose to him separately to make that happen.
e.) It will totally happen, and Gus and Juliet are so going to cosplay at Comic-Con while Shawn marvels how he's married to two giant goddamn geeks. They'll make him dress up. It'll be hilarious.

I really need fic for Shawn/Gus. Must look.

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