January 23rd, 2020

children of dune - leto 1

duolingo - the nemesis lesson

Now I remember something: Family. That lesson.

This is where it all started going wrong before. And this time I know why, because I nailed down everything else.

That third singular 'you'. Just came out of nowhere.

That's what started the downward spiral toward linguistic annihilation. One you, English; two 'you', Spanish taught me that, I got it down; three you???? WHY? Why does any language need three?

Even worse? It is nothing like the other two.

Check it:
You (my personal favorite): तू
You (my second favorite): तुम
You (from hell): आप

Why, you ask? Besides this being an extra sneaky third you thrown in?

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Non-native/non-first language English speakers--with the understanding that vast swathes of English are irrational, when you were learning, what particular point just made you stop and go 'why?', like it almost felt like English was mocking you personally?

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