November 11th, 2019

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Handbrake and the Video Encoding Project - V9 4K to 2160p60 Results

Foreword: this one turned out--weird. For two reasons:

1.) Ubuntu had to update three times during Captain Marvel and slows down my server until I obey. Three times in forty-eight hours.
2.) results are selectively inconsistent with others in terms of percentages and time, specifically Captain Marvel, which was the only one that didn't follow the others. This could possibly be because of Captain Marvel having to restart.

1.) I stopped while I was out of town last weekend so am starting the 1080p30 now.
2.) I'll now be doing all the 720p30s and redoing Captain Marvel V9 2160p60 when that's done

Update: A new sheet has been added, CompareRef, that shows main stats on all pages with the option to switch between SI and Binary (Gigibytes/Mebibytes and Gigabytes/Megabytes) so you can get a full comparison view of progress. I just finished the functions, so tell me if anything goes terribly wrong.

Now, results!

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Handbrake and the Video Encoding Project

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