October 16th, 2019

children of dune - leto 1

Yahoo!Groups Is Closing

If everyone knows about this and I missed it, sorry in advance if this sounds way too dramatic, but a five day countdown makes me edgy.

For anyone who missed it (like me, until this morning), Yahoo!Groups is shutting down.

Key Dates:
10/21/2019 - you cannot upload new content to Yahoo Groups
12/14/2019 - previously posted content will be removed from Yahoo Groups

Now--I still receive email from at least three email lists, and sure, I can be lackadaisical, but this--I would have noticed any combination of those words in the subject header.

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children of dune - leto 1

Signal Boost: Yahoo Groups Shutting Down - Dec 14, 2019

[personal profile] morgandawn posted: Yahoo Groups Shutting Down - Dec 14, 2019

Starting Oct 21, 2019 no new files (photos, documents, etc) will be allowed to be uploaded. Starting Dec 14, 2019, Yahoo groups will be limited to emails only - functions like digest will be eliminated and all files and photos will be deleted. Admins will have limited tools and all groups will be invite only.

ETA: my intensely green reblog is not my fault. Apparently I overwrote the one that isn't hideous with this one. I really need to organize my bookmarks and folders one day.

ETA2: Okay, found a better one--it turns out I have an experiment folder!--but--okay, I have ten and they are all named like Test1, Test2, Test3b7. What is wrong with me?

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