October 11th, 2019

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Handbrake and the Video Encoding Project - H.265 4K to 2160p60 Results

So that literally took ten days, but to be fair...I got nothing.

Before I post, a couple of updates: number of movies was reduced to four, as encoding the last one coincided with an Ubuntu update and I have no idea of how long it was delayed.

First: hardware

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Feel free to ask any questions 4K to 1080p batch test starts in about five minutes.

At some point during or after this test run, I'm going to try and put together a basic MakeMKV tutorial on how to rip a movie and a basic Handbrake tutorial (or link to a really good one) as well as a list of resources for people just learning ripping and encoding. It can be ridic overwhelming--witness my near breakdown just with audio codecs!--but the basics honestly are pretty easy and it's basically a matter of googling or just experimenting after that. It's when you get weird like me and WANT TO KNOW WHY that everything goes to hell.

If anyone has written or wants to write a tutorial on how they use their favorite ripping and/or video encoding program, I'd love a link and put it on the resource list. And feel free to ask if you have questions. I love questions

Next up: H.265 encoding - 4K rip to 1080p30

Handbrake and the Video Encoding Project

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