September 17th, 2019

children of dune - leto 1

amazon music hd is here!

Amazon Music Unlimited is now offering Amazon Music HD, which offers subscribers access to UHD and HD quality music for streaming and downloading.

Me, when I get home: ...this is a manual process?

This gets more complicated than 'just find the UHD/HD version and download/add to cloud', by the way. Sometimes, there's a separate album for SD and HD/UHD, and boy, hope for that, because alternatively, it's all inexplicably on the same album. In the case of the latter, if you have the SD version of the song, you have to remove it from device and cloud, then re-add and re-download it to get the HD or UHD or it simply won't do it (or worse, redownloads the SD. Why??).

And so far, the only place I can do this is in the Amazon Music App, fuck my life. Is this what hell will be like for completionists? I'm at twenty five of oh my God how much music do I have in the cloud??? Would it have killed someone to get an autodetect? Do you want me to kill someone to get it?

That said, there's definitely a difference between SD and HD and SD and UHD and to me it's worth the upgrade. That said, YMMV depending on your speakers/headphones.

ETA: apparently, if you clck on the tiny little UHD/HD symbol on a song you already have, that will open the song in HD/UHD and you can add to cloud and save. really didn't need to be that tiny, amazon.

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