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I'm just going to say it--nothing makes your bad day look infinitely better than watching the first episode of season six BtVS. I mean *nothing*. Anytime your consciousness *doesn't* start with clawing your way out of your own grave already loses for Bad Days.

And--just from curiosity--am I the only one that *loved* season six as possbily my favorite season ever? This has multiple reasonings behind it, not the least of which is the general misery of everyone. It kept *acting* like things were getting better, then they didn't, then got *worse*, then lightened--no, wait. Worse again. It's not just the angstwhore in me. It's that sometimes, you don't have bad days or even bad weeks, but bad *years*.

Though I have yet to see season seven, so maybe I'll like that better. Hmm.

And nothing on earth cheers me up as much as the musical. I originally saw this using an *antenna* wrapped with foil that I was *holding* the entire time. It brings back blissful memories of pre-sattelite days. You know, when Rabbit Ears were The Thing.

Rural life does not have a lot of compensations for that one, I have to tell you.

Anyway, stayed home from work today and yesterday. There was this--thing. Session where we aired our problems and complaints, and I started giggling during the middle of this recitation of problems in our office. So. Monday will be bad, but Monday is very far away. And I am armed with a new suede skirt that day.

So. This is a general question. Comfort Christmas Cookies. The book I have is *really bad*. Me and my mother both tend to make notes in cookbooks of what works for us and what doesn't, and looking, I found maybe three recipes that we both liked. So, right now I have Peanut Blossoms, Divinity, and those things that are stiff egg whites mixed with chocolate chips and baked hard, which are *really good*. Any favorites anyone wants to share? I was thinking Christmas Candy this year but then I remembered The Year of the Fondant and the Fire Alarms and so, no, not so much with that. So. Chocolate, almond, mint, go for it. Tell me what deliciousness I should perpetrate on my family this year.

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