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*off key singing*

The Christmas Tree? Is my bitch. Did I wrestle *four sets* of lights onto those branches? Yes, I did. Did it fight me? Yes, it did. Do my knees and arms hurt? Yes, they do.

Is it *lit*?

Hell. Yes.

My day is complete.

Boots. Are. Cool. My New Happy Place is Peanut Blossom Cookies and boots.

Also, happiness can also be classified as falling desperately in love with your favorite hot chocolate recipe all over again.

And manipulating an *entire office* into group participation in the Second Annual Cookie Exchange? I *so* managed. Anime eyes *works*. So does whining. And sometimes, if necessary, blackmail.

People, if I start walking on water, it will *so* not surprise me.

I need to snippet something. No, not Flower Child Lex either, though I don't think I can die happy without a story that involves Nifra's classic concept of Lex in a unbleached wheat robe telling his father he needs to mellow out. While playing a guitar. And singing.

THAT could only add to the joy.

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