February 19th, 2013

children of dune - leto 1

short version

A.) American Horror Story

Two eps left in season one. Still totally did not call at all what happened in this last ep. I cannot believe I didn't even consider that.

B.) Work

Refactoring SSP has been added to the current build at work, so it's going to be Retest All of SSP, Plus New Things Added to It, All the Time, as well as testing for malware uploads. I was assigned the latter, which I will be honest, I asked for because it looked like fun to test. I have no idea yet how I will be testing it. We just began system testing (to be followed by Joint SIT, to be followed by UAT, to be followed by acceptance, to be followed by Regression, to be followed by Prodfix. This actually in theory won't be as complicated and weird as the build that went out this month. Fingers crossed.

I had a C but right now there is no C, there is (hopefully) taking off work on Friday for no particular reason but doing my taxes, which does sound like fun, in a very federal requirements way.

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children of dune - leto 1

this is because I have an addiction to trailers

And also, funny:

Phantom - an American submarine captain! A leader of a rogue KGB unit! One is played by Ed Harris. The other is played by...David Duchovny. In so, so, so, so many ways, I want to see this.

...was the end of X-Files too long ago to get a kick out of Mulder the rogue KGB agent instead of the rogue FBI agent?

The Frankenstein Theory - which is, what if Frankenstein were non-fiction and Mary Shelley was writing like, a true crime novel? Which actually kind of really works for me.

Fast and Furious 6 - please let this be everything I have ever dreamed of. Super Bowl Spot (now with youtube links!), Slightly different theatrical trailer

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