December 14th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

things that seem to be happening

Google Now

Multiple answer questions, choose one:

1.) One day, say in the morning, it suddenly comes on to tell you that your commute to work is only 14 minutes with a three minute delay on Rundberg, you:
a.) appreciate the terrifying precision of Google's traffic stalking
b.) wonder when on earth you got that program.
c.) Google, how do you know where I work?????

2.) You're driving home and stop at the pharmacy, where you are helpfully told you are three miles from home and the next bus is at 4:52 along with a complete bus schedule of the bus stop that when you turn in your seat is, indeed, right behind you, you:
a.) appreciate that google has done the impossible and actually figured out Austin's actual, as opposed to theoretical, bus schedule.
b.) wonder if that stop was always there.
c.) ....Google, are you watching me?

3.) You're at a red light and across the street is the local grocery store HEB. When you look at Google now---you are stupid like that--you notice HEB is a place of interest for you and offers links. You:
a.) appreciate the existence of links because insanity while driving is a bad idea.
b.) seriously, what the fuck.
c.) wonder if you banged Google that night you got drunk and are now in a LTR with it.

Other Sources of Dissonance

Apart from my apparent relationship with google, all the pharmacies--ALL THE PHARMACIES--thta are named walgreens in my city are out of methylphenidate. Among the ritalin family, it's the only one I can tolerate and also, I like what I know (this is why if I ever get married, it's gonna be a fangirl most likely, and current running are [personal profile] svmadelyn, [personal profile] amireal, or [profile] taraljc, as I have known them the longest; I like what I know and the longer I know, the better I like, and I found a nice condo and will marry for a shared mortgage), but today, today was different. I was at CVS, in a strange pharmacy and my prescirption is indeed correct but the pills are not pink and round and saucery but yellow and shaped not unlike round Pez--sharp edged, I mean. I looked it up in the pill identifier, then called my mother to do the same, and all say this is but another variation, but it is not pink and it's very weird and the yellow is not unlike that of very pale pus.

Other News

High-stress work week is over, mostly. As Christmas is coming up, we can downgrade to Yellow-Red alert, which I can deal with, and I have a nice weekend to go with it. This is making me happy.

SPN novel of never-finished actually did sort of finish; at the request--seriously, request--of my beta, it's been split into parts due to it being at this point 277,000 words, or roughly 600 pages. So technically speaking, Part I, of 126,000 words, is now complete and final draft.

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children of dune - leto 1

meta: the jingle bells war by child

Child sent me his Christmas essay, which was a twenty minute writing exercise at school. Sitting down beside me, he tenderly dragged my hand to my touchpad and kindly forced me to click on the link in gmail, at which time, he stared at me until I read it.

To say I was surprised at his subject matter would be an understatement. His cackling should have been a warning.

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