November 14th, 2012

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help with vegan dessert recipe

For reasons this year, for the Thanksgiving luncheon I'm contributing actual food and not just money toward supplies, and I wanted to make something either vegetarian or vegan for dessert, since we have a lot of Indian contractors and employees in our unit. Years ago at Vividcon, someone brought pumpkin chocolate loaf that I was kind of willing to kill everyone at the con for, but after extensive googling, while there aren't that many recipes for it--though I heartily approve of the addition of chocolate chips to the mix--I wasn't sure if this was the right one. Or a right one, in any case. To clarify, I'm not even vegan or vegetarian by implication, so I don't know by looking if this one is a good one to use. My memories of the VVC one are pretty much magical.

Chocolate Pumpkin loaf. Recipe is pasted below cut as well. Is this one good?

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