November 12th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

it's still monday

So radio silence is lifting briefly due to the realization of how long it's been since I chatted or posted, and also because my life sucks immensely at this point, and work is only like, a tenth of it, but honestly, without the other ninety, that would still be enough.

Due to reasons (the legislature), our first two weeks of testing were thrown out and we have to start from scratch at the very beginning. There is a very mild upside in why this happened--now our test period is much longer--but its' also being combined with another test period. Also, I have to rewrite about a quarter of my tests, which is not an upside, just a bitter reality.

I am not dealing with anything well right now, tbh, and I'm very, very tired. I honestly do not know if I've ever been quite this tired in my life.

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