October 5th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

i have no testing this weekend, and it's left me bereft

Today I got my notice regarding preordering a free range local turkey, and I don't want to brag here, but this level of preparation for the future is pretty unprecedented in me, so it was exciting. As I was pricing my turkey, I looked at the website of heartwarming turkey scenes (what a stupid thing to do) with a bio of the farm talking about the humane conditions and here's where everything went wrong, and really, there is no way it wasn't going to anyway, but: All of their livestock are in large open areas/pastures and are free to interact with each other. That's a quote.

So my turkey has friends, I thought, still holding my credit card for the down payment. Because staring at this picture of happy white turkeys, I wondered which one of them I was effectively putting out a contract on, full payment due when I got to see the denuded and gutted corpse. I have seen this on TV; people who do that are the bad guys, and no one likes them. Except I planned to get rid of the evidence via brine and roasting paired with stuffing, which dude, even the Godfather didn't stoop to eating his rivals (I think).

I've learned a valuable lesson, but it seems to imply foresight is bad and I have an alternate universe career ruthlessly running a cannibalistic cartel. And also, if the world ended and it was run down my own food or die, there is no scenario that doesn't end with me sobbing hopelessly while trying to will rocks to become nutritious, surrounded by scornful Disney animals who wonder how I failed at circle of life so dramatically.

I'm on a Trailer Kick

Red Dawn - yes, they're remaking Red Dawn. I don't know what that's called when you may or may not be completely missing the point of something that is not necessarily able to be universally themed when you look at the title with an eye for symbolism and the entire goddamn time period, but. Yeah, someone green lighted this. In case you're curious how they're handling that, yeah. I'm not even sure how to process this.

Wuthering Heights - I do not apologize for my endless kink for period drama, especially that which involves melodrama and epic love and well, revenge. And Heathcliffe, because Christ, it's fucking Heathcliffe. There are some epic characters that well, apparently canonically have killed puppies, and I just do not care. Heathcliffe.

Taken 2 - okay, who knew you could do more with this than before? Honestly, it was on the strength of the instruction scene to Kim and the possibility of seeing Apprentice!Kim doing awesome things. Okay, I hope for that, it just would be the most awesome father/daughter bonding in history.

The Lone Ranger - in the spirit of being a completionist, I--okay, what the hell? I'm hoping that's just a really bad trailer. A lot.

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