September 21st, 2012

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Archive of Our Own and Kindle Fire or Android Tablets - Downloading Fic

Probably this is old news or there are workarounds for this somewhere already, but if you own a Kindle Fire or an Android Tablet and like to download fic directly onto your Kindle/Android device from the website, this might help.

Currently, mobi files from AO3 download into the Download folder and from there you have to move them to the correct folder manually. Or you can try this. If done successfully, your downloaded mobi files from AO3 will immediately go into the correct folder for insta!reading.

Tested with the following devices successfully:

Tablet/E-Reader: Kindle Fire
System Version: 6.3.1_user_4107720

Tablet: Asus Transformer
Model: TF101
Android: 4.0.3

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S III
Model: SGH-T999
Android: 4.0.4

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I probably need to check this for numbers. Also, the paucity of screenshots for Kindle is because the Galaxy S III has screenshot capability by swiping the screen, which Kindle does not. Which okay, Galaxy, how are you so awesome?

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