September 14th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

castiel and I had an experience

Backlight on my tablet Castiel went out this morning at work. Because I totally needed more stress this week. And when I got home, I did what I always said I wanted the option to do in any piece of electronics I own; that is, be able to take it apart.

Okay, when I said that, I didn't actually mean it literally, but what do you know.

Breakdown I used for guidance.

It would have possibly been the easiest breakdown ever if the screws were not, literally, small enough to get stuck under my fingernails. Also, only after much googling did I find the piece I needed to check was--look at the picture? see the long gold ribbon?--to the left of that, under that bundle of wires where the backlight connector was out, I kid you not, the thickness of my fingernail. I pushed it back in and voila! I had backlight!

Tools used: a razor blade after I broke off the tip. Yes. I have apparently every size screwdriver for a computer but a tablet requires something the thickness of a razor's edge. I did not cut myself, and I have no idea how I avoided it. I mean, I'm pretty sure nothing I have put together or taken apart hasn't had a blood sacrifice (and sometimes, skin). I suppose being named after an angel made that like, icky for it or something. I need to remember that for future naming purposes.

I fear nothing. Except my new phone finally shipped, and now I'm distrustful of everything because seriously, I did not mean I needed to literally test all my hardware personally in its component parts. However, for the record, I'm ordering the tiniest toolkit I can find next time I get paid, because hello, razor as screwdriver; that shit sticks with you.

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