August 26th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

the definition of surprise starts here

Dear Anonymous Person (Unless your name is Love?),

I'm guessing you probably are aware I have not had like, the best year so far, and this last week was kind of like the moment you realize you are really Sisyphus and that goddamn rock will never just stay up there. Also, it's possible my comment about dev people lacking opposable thumbs may bite me in the ass at work tomorrow.

I just no longer care. I mean, even a little. I may even apologize to them and mean it. Mostly. If they ask or anything.

For the record, surprise!kitchenware is right up there with unicorns and I don't know, talking puppies of things that you just don't think happen to real people. I actually want to say it's more likely a unicorn shows up. Also, your thematic use of my Adam/Kris fic as dedication was hilarious. I can't even work out what the best part is; awesome kitchenware, or the sheer amazingness of the surprise factor.

Dude, Monday, whatever, bring it.

All my love,

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