August 22nd, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

i don't forgive amazon for this, but well, it did work

I have very long been desperately trying to get away from iTunes, with its fairly regular crashes, random acts of destroying the xml file, unexpectedly changing the location of my music folder, which is like, the last straw because I am freaking anal about my organizational structure. Not to overstate the case, but I'd be less freaked out by someone stealing my underwear than moving files on my laptop somewhere they should not be. The first time that happened, I had not yet quite reached my current neurotic level, so I could deal, but the last time (which included the horror of actual deletion and having to restore from backups, which I can't even talk about, as I remember very little due to the mind protecting itself from that level of truly epic anal retentive violation), I told myself firmly this shit had to stop.

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