August 10th, 2012

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home depot is incompetent even on the diy track

There really is no possible way to make up for the lack of VVC right now; however, dragging someone (willingly!) into Teen Wolf fandom totes makes up for that. Not that they fought that hard, I want that for the record. Or like, at all, now that I think about it.

Home Depot

I don't know if you know this, but they don't like selling things to people who offer money for their goods and services.

For the fourth time in two years, we approached Home Depot after careful research to buy 1.) a front door and 2.) a storm door. We have model numbers and item numbers. We have colors. We have a place on the outer wall of our home that needs a door. Most importantly of all of those things, we are carrying money to buy it right now.

Somewhere in Home Depot is one man (1) who knows how to order a fucking door. Me, I was ready to go home, grab my toolkit, and buy the model off the floor and install it myself, but apparently that was not in the cards.

We've been going there to try and get these doors for two years and it's like, the minute we show an interest in purchasing, no one knows how to do anything. Once, we actually got an invoice--wait for it--and went to pay it so they would come install our doors that we had ordered...and no one would take our money. We waited in the door area for a while. Or call us back about the doors we ordered. Or even apparently knew what a door was, from repeat visits.

On a very primal level of wtf, I cannot figure out what they think will happen if they sell a door to us.

Air Conditioner

We are having an equal problem getting anyone to agree to fix our air conditioner, which does not believe we should have temperatures lower than eighty-three. Our new air conditioner that we just bought.

I have goddamn pneumonia and am finishing my round of steroids while arguing with three (3) Home Depot people, none of which could explain teh alchemy of the door buying process other than no one knew it.

I feel like this is some kind of life lesson, but the lesson seems to be muddled. Am I supposed to step up and learn how to install doors and fix air conditioners in an empowering way that will lead to true love, or is this the value of patience in trying times?

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