August 8th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

st jennifer of disasters

While trying to find a female saint to patron an order of militant demon-killing nuns, I ran across this: Female Patron Saints

There is a Saint Jennifer, patron saint of disasters.

My life is prefect, jsyk.

Also, if anyone can offer up a saint to name an order of militant demon-killing nuns after, I could also use suggestions. St. Jeanne d'Arc seems a little too on the nose. This thing is over 180,000 words, so really, why not have a militant order of demon killing nuns? That's the question you gotta ask yourself, and truth? No reason at all.

Honest to God, this spn fic from hell was started as a writing exercise to get back in the mood. The mood has not yet passed. On the other hand, exciting moment; I realized because of location of some parts, I could use y'all in dialogue finally, and my God, you have no freaking idea how magical it is to finally have command of a second person plural pronoun while writing. It's beautiful.

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