August 7th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

fred and chris, redux

Whoever the anonymous person was who called pneumonia a few days back has won! The prize is personal satisfaction. As of Monday, I have pneumonia, which I'll be honest actually surprised me, as both my experiences with it were fairly traumatic, involving ambulances and three day hospitalization and once, a catheter. Apparently, it does not always herald itself with trauma and the ER. Who knew? But in case I felt comfortable or something, I was told this could change at any minute, so that was a cheerful conversation.

I guess I'm most weirded out by the fact I don't have (many) breathing problems other than when fits of coughing take precedence, which granted is a lot. However, as my future is steroids and antibiotics again--zpack is a joy and a delight forever--I am not against this per se.

In other news, I'm still absorbing Teen Wolf's last ep and trying for coherence. As what. The. Fuck. Dude, this show. It has to be the compressed timeline that I'm not used to that's screwing with me, because wow.

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