July 31st, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

so that was unexpected confirmation

Weird moment of memory dissonance; while surfing trutv.com's crime library, I ran across this:

Adolfo Constanzo: the Godfather of Matamoras

Okay, I don't know how much this kind of thing applies to non-border states, but Spring Break Terror (YOU WILL BE KIDNAPPED AND SACRIFICED TO SATAN or YOU WILL BE DRUGGED AND RAPED BY COLLEGE GUYS or YOU WILL BE DRUGGED AND KIDNAPPED BY COLLEGE SATANISTS) was like, a perfectly normal thing to hear. For Texas, South Padre was a hive of villainous college activity where at any given moment, someone was being drugged and raped and henna tattooed that will cause scarring and a lifetime of shame; it was like, going there was DEATH and TERRIBLE TATTOOS of SHAME. Or that's the impression you got circa age of reason to going to college yourself.

The thing is, I recognize the details of this one while reading, and I remember hearing about it when it happened. But at the time, most of us thought it was just the usual spring break scare tactics. I am deeply, deeply unsettled to read all the ridic details that I remember--I seriously do, this story was huge at school--and realize some of them actually happened.

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