July 28th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

my life as it stands

1.) WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING! And I have been depressingly penniless for two weeks, but all is forgiven when one sleeps in a room at a temperature somewhat below that of boiling water and the surface of Venus.

2.) To compensate, we are on Day 4 of The Internal Server Error Festival at work. So far, this is what we have learned:

a.) no one knows why they are happening, or more terrifying, why they aren't when logic--oh rapture--dictates they should have.
b.) they don't always display as a giant white Internal Sever Error page.

Here's where things became weird.

After entering info in a text box, the page autopopulates three other text boxes below it at the top of the page. Mysteriously, when loading stopped, nothing was autopopulated, but to the right of my text boxes, in the smooth, completely featureless white space, was a line of what looked like the first fifty characters of an doctype declaration for html, followed by the html tag and head tag on line two, and enclosed in title tags, the words 500 Internal Server Error.

If I selected the first line and scrolled down, an entire html markup was hidden in there up to closing html tags.

Pulling the source, I was surprised to see that the page was peppered with tiny boxes, if you will, of hidden fields stuffed with hidden views and mysterious javascript. I mean, it's not mysterious in that I don't know what it and the views do. Just for the life of me, I can't figure out why all the text box validations and drop downs need to be assigned to views and then hidden in the goddamn page. On the other hand, as indicators of what went wrong go, it usefully told the programmers (and me) exactly where the errors were coming from, so.

3.) I did not know one could be coding blocked. It's like writers block, but even worse, because for me, it comes with an obsessive need to keep making it worse. I finally pulled apart my Mediatomb sorting code and got alphabetization to work, albeit not the most graceful looking code (it is so ugly and so repetitious it makes me want to cry), but it works and autosorts all my TV show folders and movies into alphabetical containers because dude, I have about 2T of movies, videos, and TV shows and scrolling through those on my bluray player's very pretty interface was freaking slow.

Okay, you probably dont know this about me, but I'm really anal about organization. This is where it all went wrong.

Collapse )

All of that is to bring me to my question. Does anyone know if custom metadata can be imbedded in a video file that's also readable? I want to go through and imbed fandom as a metadata tag in all the vids I have (which is going to take possibly the rest of my life) and show metadata in all the show files. That would, quite literally, change my life at this point in time. I compiled Mediatomb with three separate programs that can read metadata, so any help here would be deeply appreciated before I begin to cry helplessly over my javascript, which would not be fun for anyone.

Oh God, air conditioning, never leave me again. For the record, it's magic.

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