July 17th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

child and i watch teen wolf

Mostly work is caught up as much as it can be, and there's no air conditioning, so Child and I consoled ourselves catching up to current with Teen Wolf.

I kind of get why people like fannish roommates now. Child recently picked up a mild fanboy thing for Sam Winchester (don't ask, please), so it was Vecchio Versus Kowalski Redux, but luckily all the eps are on the server, so he can't hide SPN from me, and thank God, winterlive was pushing like the best dealer ever, so.

I get why people think this is a lot like Buffy; I see the resemblance in the secondary characters if Stiles = Willow and Lydia/Jackson make a very uncomfortable Cordelia, but Scott is no Buffy, and neither Derek nor Allison could pull off Angel, but Child and I did entertain ourselves in recasting how that would work.

This is incredibly random and unorganized, so.

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children of dune - leto 1

synaptics touchpad

Touchpad on laptop question:

Okay, using the latest Synaptics drivers (and the one previous), at increasingly short intervals, my touchpad would jerk up to the upper right of the screen and would keep going there no matter what I tried to do in the screen. Restart fixes it, but I was getting it once a day or less at teh end.

So I downgraded to the 2010 driver that came with my laptop and the scroll is, I kid you not, so hard to do it hurts. I've fixed the settings in various ways, but the scroll is just slow and non-sensitive even racking it up to the highest sensitivity. My entire touchpad is slower, which is why I switched drivers in teh first place years ago, and I don't know why now the direct Synaptic drivers started doing this so constantly.

Does anyone else have this problem or found a way to fix it? Google was not terribly helpful.

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