July 13th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

so there were some unexpected traveling delays

Adacamp was incredible.

I swear I will report thoroughly, but due to being absent from work, my backlog is kind of insanely unreal. I'll probably be catching up over teh weekend, so hopefully by Tuesday I'll be ahead on everything and can spend quality time waxing lyrical about a truly awesome conference.

However, getting to Adacamp, not so easy.

I will say this about travel, however; I have often looked in wonder at plane travel horror stories, because my experiences have been mostly positive. Apparently, the universe didn't like me realizing that, as the following occurred on Saturday-Sunday, July 7-8:
1.) flight delay due to storm.
2.) sleeping on cot in baggage claim six for four horrifying hours.
3.) flight delay due to God Knows What.
4.) flight delay due to No Idea What the Hell.
5.) Circling another stormy city.
6.) Circling another stormy city while running out of fuel.
7.) Landing at a non-stormy city and sitting on the tarmac for hours waiting for fuel.
8.) Losing the will to travel ever again.

Or, how Austin to DC became a thirty hour nightmare from which I only awoke once I saw a hot tub. For anyone who wanted to meet up in DC, it was literally me and not you; I spent most of Monday moving between couch, hot tub, and a short jaunt to Neiman Marcus across the street with [personal profile] amireal (who cooed at my flight pain, thank you) since after that, my calves were bothering me like a lot and I was having problems getting my heels to the floor (this usually only happens when I wear heels for too long, but I was wearing flats all weekend). I am always tired after flights; there was a new word invented for how I felt after over thirty hours trying to get to DC. (To be fair, Dallas to DC they upgraded me to first class, which involved being given hot towels, meals with silverware, and points 5-8. So that was kind of neat, as leg room was a lot better for points 5-7). My legs still ache, but overextending my calves is kind of the gift that keeps on giving for days, so me and stretching have been friendly. I'm vaguely disappointed I didn't get to visit the places I'd wanted to in DC, but honestly, hot tub. I learned to make tiny tsunamis in the hot tub foam!

Given that: Adacamp was totally worth it.

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children of dune - leto 1

this is not compatible with life in texas

Air conditioning is out again and in a horrific turn of events, I suddenly feel nostalgic for the glory and the dream that was sleeping in baggage claim #6. It was nice. There was air conditioning.

This has been a message written in the throes of incipient insanity.

I wonder if I could fix an air conditioner?

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