June 16th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

this is strangely predictible

winterlive has strangely mesmerizing powers of persuasion. Apparently I am watching Teen Wolf, and I'm not sure how this happened.

In other news, work hates us all, but nicer, I belatedly finishing registering for VVC, and apparently will also be attending Adacamp in DC (with travel!), which is really awesome except seriously, I have no idea why they accepted me. However, a suggested panel there is about the Imposter Syndrome, which I probably need to attend immediately.

I'm also staring blankly at 168,000 words of SPN Dean/Castiel fic that does not seem to be like, stopping. Sadly, even unfinished, it officially is ten thousand words more than the longest thing I ever attempted to write, and that fic took me a year to finish altogether. I find it really uneasy-making that this is only three months in and the bulk of the major arc is still Out There Somewhere. I blame season seven canon for giving me ideas.

I'm also contemplating an entry that will include What and What Not To Say to the Grieving Family, because I'm suddenly like, really thankful for platitudes--dude, platitudes rock. You know what rocks less? Creative extempore notions of comforting people. Dude, platitudes are platitudes for a reason; trying to be creative when sharing loss ends up with some people three minutes later still untangling what you said and kind of freaked out by it.

For the record, what to send would be deli platters. Just for the record; sandwich, fruit, adn cookie trays rock. My team at work went all out and dude, there were like, three kinds of croissant sandwiches and piles of cookies and fruit. I still kind of think this should be on some kind of list somewhere for people to reference when you're making a Flowers versus Flowers decision.

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