May 12th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

random saturday observation

Moment of hideously painful self-awareness while reading Dean/Castiel fic on AO3 (which I do like it's my job; it's getting scary in there), via goddamn svmadelyn:

Seperis: I find [REDACTED AUTHOR]'s [REDACTED TYPE] AU is hitting a lot of my really unspeakable kinks.
Seperis: Like Dean Is Sweet Woobie Perfection, and Everyone Loves Dean, and Dean Bottoms Like a Pro, and Seriously, Everyone Loves Dean.
Seperis: These are my embarrassing kinks.
Seperis: I mean, knifeplay mpreg with mind control non-con I can admit to.
Seperis: But God strike me dead the moment I admit those.
Madelyn: and yeah, the only kink that is wrong there is that dean is sweet woobie perfection
Madelyn: knifleplay and mpreg with mindcontrol noncon are A+++
Madelyn: and I approve of those
Madelyn: but the first one, sicko freakjob.

I also made [personal profile] norabombay break down A/B/O (no, not bloodtype) dynamic for me and Quinn. It was--enlightening.

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