February 17th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

it's not like I don't live my life waiting for skynet to show up

Dear Uncanny Valley,


No love,

I'm saying, when is the time we pull out our I, Robot, Bladerunner and Terminator to treat them as the necessary survival documents they are? Maybe when the android gets to star in its own play about itself? You think?

It's so weird to watch that; even knowing--scientifically, or at least, wikipedially--the nature of my reaction, it does not change my instinctive kill it with fire in any rational way. There are reasons a lot of horror movies are about things that shouldn't be moving that suddenly start moving, you know? Wax figures, mannequins, androids that blink and turn their head in ways that make me want an axe. You know. The usual.

I'm curious; the uncanny divide threshhold is different for everyone; does this hit yours, or what does hit yours?

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