February 15th, 2012

children of dune - leto 1

he shouldn't be so pretty, is what i'm saying

*thoughtful* And to think there were times in my life at work where I was bored. Tentatively, I do not have that problem now. Sometimes I dream of spreadsheets, and you know what? I like it. This development is under review for incipient worry that I'm penciling in for real consideration in Julyish. Maybe early September at the latest.

In other news:

CBS casts its Sherlock Holmes and SPOILER ALERT--it's Jonny Lee Miller, which is a problem since I don't feel this interpretation will end well (in New York, even, Christ) but I would watch Miller and find it riveting television if he were watching paint dry, see the problem here? I even watched a truly hideous and terrible Mansfield Park interpretation (we shall never speak of this again) just to see him trotting around in knee breeches. Hence, you can imagine my reaction to the latest Emma (knee-breeches, horse, walking with finely muscled thighs and whatnot) has pretty much left me panting, and I am not one to pant unrequited. Again, I watched that awful Mansfield Park and that's like, one step off rabid-fan territory for me.

In really other news:

If I asked nicely, could someone direct me to The West Wing Josh/Donna fics? Yes, I read Speranza's, and that was like, only a page and hello, fangirl, I need more.

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children of dune - leto 1

so that's where I should be listening to this

I didn't realize that listening to Adele at work was the ticket to getting her to work for me. I liked her okay (you have [personal profile] svmadelyn as a friend, you learn to like or oh my God the judging) at home but suddenly I was listening to Set Fire to the Rain during a particularly irritating test and I understand. I'm not sure if it's the implied violence (setting fire to something seems like a really good idea right now, tbh) or what but I am there.

However, for the record, Someone Like You is hairdryer in the bathtub with a handwritten note type song. Which I suppose means it works for me on some level. The level that has a playlist with this classification, after all. It is, I will reluctantly admit, a really long playlist.

I'm still working on The Fray's latest album. I honestly think I like one song out of the entire album (not including covers) and I find that deeply disappointing. Mostly because I honestly can't deal rationally with the idea that the last entire album I enjoyed may or may not have been released by My Chemical Romance or Kings of Leon.

I'm told at some point my musical tastes will settle and I'll stop feeling betrayed by iTunes for not having more, more, more and getting bored with everyone by their third album. I'm starting to look forward to that. It would save me a lot of money.

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children of dune - leto 1

i need a less specialized sense of humor, granted

Sometimes, you find a line so perfect you don't even really need context; in fact, you realize in your heart you will never understand the context. Or like, what the hell. Because it's just that goddamn perfect line.

I'll even accept people hating on Gamzee for his murderclown spree, despite the fact that he's my favorite, because Juggalo junkie murderclowns making out with their boyfriend's severed heads are admittedly not to everyone's taste, but seriously, Tavros?

Granted, I read a lot of incest and bestiality, but Nazis are where I draw the line.

Both I ran across on fail-fandomanon and saved back to read later in a spirit of wonder. Recording here for later moments where I feel the universe sucks and then I remember murderclowns and anti-Nazi bestiality and it's like, I love fandom like a lot, because these are kind of beautiful.

(One thing I regret about my job is that all our one-liners involve levels of bureaucraticese that aren't available to teh sane, mixed with tester-specific programming slang and acronyms referring to the Medicaid hierarchy and spend-down. Oh my God the hilarity, if you are one of thirteen people in the world. The Medicaid hierarchy only makes sense if you actually own the powerpoint explaining it and memorized it, or your mother helped design it so you were brainwashed, and oh, the jokes I could tell. That make no sense. Unless you'd like to read the powerpoint? It's in color!)

Currently googling on the murderclown. It makes me happy.

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children of dune - leto 1

just a note

Note for the future--I could watch Castiel's acts of violence set to Set Fire to the Rain for the rest of my life. Youtube is kind enough to supply a lot of those. Okay, three so far, but then there's Rolling the Deep and it's like, I want more fire and finger-snap death and you know, bloody trenchcoats.

I'm so glad I'm in fandom right now or that entire paragraph would be terribly, terribly worrisome.

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