October 28th, 2011

children of dune - leto 1

so work is a bit slow today

*irritable* Archive of Our Own is freezing on my Kindle for some downloads and some stories, but not all and not consistently. I am still trying to put together a coherent bug on the subject to send them, but honestly, it's the most random randomness, and it's kind of hilarious how being a tester at work is effectively killing my ability to report a bug without verifying the bug in at least three separate conditions. I want to test it first, then track back the issue and send a defect that I then stalk the developers about until they fix it, but then I remember this is not my job and [personal profile] astolat knows where I live and probably has ninjas on retainer.

[What's killing me is that I can't actually test it; it freezes my Kindle. And that freaks me out too badly.]

It's happened with two fic (one mine) from the site and one I downloaded to calibre and added via usb. It's weird. I've discarded word count as a factor, and chaptering, but the one thing I (think) they have in common is they're all SGA.

Other News

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Oh! Meant to do this before. Picture of the Mediatomb web interface for adding/removing etc.

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