October 27th, 2011

children of dune - leto 1

random lj question

Okay, in light of the entire--um, LJ thing--I wandered over to stare blankly at the posting interface that seems to have a retro-DOS theme going on (that's a font?), and so personally I haven't had any problems, but then I realized there is something called a "context menu" and no matter how much I hover, I cannot get that thing to work.

However, my memory vaguely implies that it did used to work, and I hated it like I hate fire (I do not like random things popping up in my line of sight covering other things; it's a thing), and so I disabled it, but how did I disable it? It's not greasemonkey and it's sitewide and I think there was a checkbox involved?

(Strangely, DW's hover menu doesn't bother me, due to it being very small and possibly I trained myself out of using it. IDK.)

Anyway, I'm curious now about the context menu. Does anyone remember where that setting is?

ETA: From traveller:
It used to be in your display settings, and it WAS just a checkbox, but now it is a console command:


...I was getting mildly worried about my sanity there.

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