April 15th, 2011

children of dune - leto 1

She-Ra, Disc One, Observations

1.) I forgot you can go a while without seeing anyone who has a penis in this show. There's Bo, with his heart power, Hawk, who shows up guest-star like, and then the Hoarde, with Hordak and a few one-off male villains, but so many women.

2.) Adora is ridiculously competent. It's a big difference from Adam; a huge difference between this show and most is also assumed competence. In general, women aren't assumed to be incompetent until proved otherwise. All the leaders of the Rebellion, except for Bo, are female. The main antagonists, except for Hordac, are female. The leader of Hordac's forces was first Adora and then Catra.

3.) The village men don't wear pants with their short tunics. I have no idea what to make of that. But--there they stood, on a ledge, pantsless, throwing pies? Or barrels?--at the Horde soldiers. I mean, some men did wear pants, true. But I am still thrown by Men Without Pants Fighting Horde.

4.) Seahawks' battle with Catra is never not hilarious, jftr.

5.) "Roll me in butter and call me a flouder." Oh SeaHawk. Just. I love you.

6.) She-Ra's transformation is still the most awesome, between her dual mantra and her tranformation combining dual loyalties to both Eternia and Etheria.

I missed this show so much. Though I think the eps are out of order, because I swear there was a special ep meeting Frosta.


7.) The Missing Axe - Extremely Muscular Man Without Pants Wearing Unitard with Cut Out Sides--y'all, I owned that bathing suit.

How did I never notice the epic pants issue?

8.) I KNEW IT. This is so out of order its' ridiculous. Anyone know where an accurate episode guide is?

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children of dune - leto 1

the borgias: 1.01.03 -- The Moor

A good rule of thumb with this show is to be surprised only when actualfax history shows up. Honest to God, this will lower your stress level tremendously.

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So endeth the lesson.

Note: Juan might be Gioffre. I cannot remember what they call him. It just pours out of my head, possibly because he is that goddamn annoying.


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