April 13th, 2011

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She-Ra, Princess of Power

I have been super wary ever since I saw She-Ra was available at Amazon, because it's She-Ra and I would not have its awesomeness diminished by no longer being pre-pubescent. Then my niece craftily slipped it into the X-Box and suddenly I was watching the first week-long beginning and it is still awesome. Secret twin sister! Moral ambiguity! Flying unicorn companion which hello, not only is Adora able to capture He-Man before she was She-Ra, when she's She-Ra, she can do everything He-Man can do while wearing awesome heels and rides a flying unicorn.

Let me just say this again. She rides a flying unicorn. Just. I cannot imagine how this show could be more awesome.

Noted, however: I now get why Adam and Adora have different mantra to become their superpowered (WITH MAGICAL FLYING UNICORN!) selves; Adam was raised a price, lazy, a little self-centered, and maybe a little spoiled (and considered by some quite useless), so he calls on power; Adora was raised and trained by the Hoarde and was instrumental in some of their conquests and enslavement of Etheria's races; honor would be more important to her.

It was like seeing old friends; the Sorceress and Teela and Glimmer and Angella and Catra of the awesome eyeshadow and Shadow Weaver, who really needs her own evil army because Hordak is just not very great at it, and Bo and some other random villains and soforth.

And Spirit the flying unicorn. Just. Yes.

*hands* Happy.

ETA: Tygress links to gorgeous She-Ra artwork here by nebezial. Holy God, yes.

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