April 7th, 2011

children of dune - leto 1

in which I hit youtube like the fist of god, yo

From the depths of youtube (circa 2006-2008):

The Greatest Movies Never Made (Why, God, Why):

The Greatest Love Story Involving Million Dollar Fighter Planes: Top Gun Recut: The Romance of Maverick and Iceman by chuck13171 -- the original.

The Greatest Love Story Involving Things With Lots of Extra Teeth Involved: Must Love Jaws: The Men Who Discovered Zoophilic Polyamory With a Great White Shark by vayabobo -- it makes you believe in love.

The Greatest Love Story Involving Boats in the Far Past: Titanic II: Jack Is Back by sonydreamcast- I would watch the fuck out of this movie.

The Sequel To the Greatest Love Story Involving Boats in the Far Past: Titanic III: Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots At Matt Damon And It's Hot by xnightshadex-- yeah. He does. It's hot.

And of course, the One True Star Trek XI: Star Trek XI: The Wrath of Kirk by bethrael- I would fangirl this so hard.

The Greatest Horror Movies Never Made (Wow, So I Didn't Notice This in the Original)

Scary Mary: The Mary Poppins Horror by moviemker - okay, it's not like you didn't suspect.

The Sound of Music: The Horror Cut by chuck13171 - seriously, wtf was that? I want this movie.

The Lion King Recut: Simba Gone Bad, So Bad by LeonSakau - this is a viable AU, is what I'm saying.

And returning to the present:


Period Drama: Breathe Again by KatSw3 - she also made two other favorites of mine, but I have a weakness for period like whoa. Tell me you're shocked.

I Shall Be Free by charmax76, Shawshank Redemption - gorgeous vid for a fantastic movie.

Strange Infatuation by silverautumn - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, because honest to God, there can't be enough faintly creepy videos about them.

Creepin' Up On You by wafflesnbrains - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, like I said, never can be too many.

* Must Love Jaws link fixed!

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